Industry Trends for Builders

February 11, 2019

New Construction Technology Trends

Technology has revolutionized the way we do everything and the construction industry is no exception. We’ve identified some technology trends that are changing how builders and consumers approach construction in 2019.
January 30, 2019

Top Advantages of Spec Home Building

Many builders are choosing spec home building over custom home building. Spec homes, short for speculative, are new construction homes that are partially or fully built before a buyer is identified and a purchase contract is in place. Spec homes are often referred to as move-in ready or homes under construction. The market conditions have dictated a need for spec homes with demand in the housing market growing but inventory remaining low. Spec homes are popular for people in a hurry to move, buyers who are tired of the resale market inventory and competition, and those who want a new construction home but not the burden of having to choose every customization. Spec home building offers many advantages to both the buyer and the builder.